Our mission is to restore hope to children who live in a vulnerable situation, so they can imagine a future of opportunity for themselves.


We restore hope by establishing support systems into the lives of children.

All vulnerable children have something in common: they have no reliable social safety networks to turn to when they lose a parent, get sick, or encounter trauma. Vulnerable children include those who are:

  • Referred to as social orphans even though one or both their parents may still be alive but who have been unable to perform parental duties because of illness or acute poverty among other reasons
  • Orphaned by the death of one or both parents
  • Abandoned by parents
  • living with a disability
  • Affected by armed conflicts
  • Malnourished due to extreme poverty
  • Abused by parents or their caregivers
  • Marginalized, stigmatized or discriminated against

Kids need people who will inspire them, and tools like medical care and school supplies to promote their health and education. We are dedicated to working with children and their communities locally and globally.