Founder & President

I was born in a small village in 1974 in the Ivory Coast, and raised by my grandmother.

We didn't have clean water to drink, so from the age of 10 I would walk a mile to get water and carry the bucket on my head back home. There was no electricity or gas stove, so my grandmother and I would go in the field to cut wood and carry it on our heads back to the village so we could cook.

School was a challenge. Studying at night was impossible due to no access to lighting, and my grandmother couldn’t help with homework because she didn’t speak French.

When I was 15 my mother took me to live with my father and stepmother who lived in the city. That was the first time I’d ever met my father. He got a new birth certificate for me in order to carry his last name, which is Tchaco. To this day I don't know for sure if he is my father. 

I had my daughter when I was 19. I was living a reckless life, looking for fatherly love in different men. I developed feelings of rejection, self-pity and unworthiness.

In 1999 I gave my life to Christ and I became a born-again Christian. I attended church services, Bible studies and conferences.

In December 1999 Ivory Coast had it first coup – the government was overthrown. In September 2000 I moved to the United States with my daughter so I could seek a better life for both of us.

The transition to life in a new country wasn’t easy, but I found support from people in my church community and through a deep faith in Jesus Christ. One of my proudest accomplishments has been seeing my daughter graduate from UC Davis.   

I know what it’s like to be a child who feels like there’s no support.

But I also know that with help it’s possible to go from being vulnerable to victorious. I have a passion to pray for people who are hurting and to see them come to Christ, knowing how much hope God has brought to my own life. 

My goal is to help other vulnerable children by equipping them with resources and connecting them with people who will help them succeed.